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I’m sure you will be able to relate to this. That moment when the part of your brain brings every short, medium and long term responsibility/ objective/ concern from every corner of your life, to the forefront of your thinking, all at the same time, creating a flood of adrenalin filled anxiety and an overwhelming sense of ‘I can’t fucking cope!’ which mentally disarms you, and ensures the moments that lie ahead, the only time that you can influence, slips by with no progress being made. As those moments slip by, so the angst grows stronger. I’ve done it for so long now, I begrudgingly call myself a ‘pro’ or better still – Captain Chaos. It’s a massive area of growth for me, and one that I have been working hard to address. The answer apparently lies in that ‘moment’ when the chaos starts to unfold in your head.

We have the power to consciously stop, breathe and look at those thoughts, and instead of carelessly throwing each problem ‘pancake’ on top of each other to form an unmanageable stack, we should separate each ‘pancake’ on different, individual plates. For me, the best way to practice the method is by sitting with a blank, scrap bit of paper and writing each ‘problem’ (pancake) down, encasing each one with its own circle (or plate). Keep each plate discernibly separate from another. Then look at each pancake (all this talk of pancakes is making me hungry), and put a simple plan in place, just for that day, on how you are going to contribute, through pro-action, towards it’s resolution (or consumption).

I’ve done it a few times, and noticed a few, immediate positive outcomes. Firstly, the anxiety of chaos starts to lessen, and in its place comes the calming peace of perspective; a manageable purpose forms in my psyche, which in turn leads to a more positive outlook on the day; and it goes a long way to helping me, occasionally, ‘live in the now’ – and art I have still yet to master.

Of course, even knowing this, I still have those days where I believe keeping the pile stacked is the easier way to approach life, but the results always lead to a less productivity, and a bucket load of stress. It really is the simplest of actions that can realize some incredible results – all you need to add is a tiny bit of effort, and quite a lot of pancake mix!.

Give it a ‘flip’ and let me know how it goes.

andrew x





Andrew Sullivan