Sully's Recovery World Today

With early recovery comes much denial. I remember focusing all my attention on reasons why I couldn’t be an addict, just to prove myself right, and my ‘naysayers’ wrong.

When I listened to people I would fast forward passed the bits that I could identify with (the bits that would help), and zone in on the tiniest little comment or point that didn’t relate to me (the bits that didn’t), in a last hopeless attempt to prove to myself that I wasn’t ‘like them’.

The truth was and is I am ‘them’. Focusing on the similarities and not the differences is really good practice in self- honesty and openmindedness, characteristics that will hold you in good stead as your journey starts to unfold, one day at a time.

So if you’re at a meeting today, reading recovery literature or just chatting to a fellow addict, try and conciously disregard the differences that you fnd in the message and focus on how it relates to you…it’s a good habit to get into.

Have a great Sunday


andrew x