Sully’s Recovery World Today

Millions of thoughts run around my head during any given day, positive and negative, and most of those thoughts tune into my emotional response mechanisms and generate a feeling that reflects the initial thought. That’s how feelings work.

Your feelings can be put into two categories – I call them the ‘healthy feelings’ and the ‘fake news feelings’.

Healthy feelings are come from our primal core, and have been with is from the moment that we are conceived. They have soul and purpose; built in to help us instinctually react in certain ways to help us deal with the reality laid out in front of us. You could be sad at the passing of a pet, or scared because you are on your own or happy because you have just managed to get past a level on Candy Crush, that had been making you feel sad, mad and frustrated over the previous weeks. Healthy feelings are very simple, relatively easy to spot and integral to your survival on this planet.

Where it all gets mixed up is when our minds get involved in the ‘feeling’ decision making progress to create ‘fake news’ feelings. These emotions are being generated through your own interpretation of what might happen, and have no basis in reality. They are ‘fake news’ feelings! (I really should copyright ‘fake news’….I hope that it isn’t already being used…). And ‘fake news’ feelings cannot be trusted. They are complicated, impossible to identify and will lead us to personal self- destruction if not treated properly.At the very least they can make some days very miserable.

So, the key to success here is differentiating between the feelings that are tangible and designed to help you, and the ones that are imagination based and have no rights to dictate how you feel.

Start today with checking out those feelings that are making you feel bad. It could be a momentary feel bad scenario or it could be a negative feeling that has been hanging around your psyche for a while. Don’t push the feeling away, or ignore it in the hope that it will go away. Just look at it head on, and understand it, try and identify exactly what the root cause of this imaginary emotion might be. Accept the possibility that the emotion that you are currently feeling may not be coming from a real place, it is a lie. You may be too close to the emotion to establish where it is coming from, so talk it through with someone within your circle of trust, and keep your mind open to the suggestions that are offered up in return.

Like everything in recovery, practice makes progress, so consciously investigate a negative feeling today, and be aware of where it is leading you.

Once you have confidently established what the root cause of that feeling may be – it could be people, places or things – you are then in a much better, more balanced position to deal with the issue here in the real world, and not in the fantasy land of your imagination.

Have a great Tuesday, 5th September 2018 – remember, this day will never come again, so make the most of it.

Lots of love
Sully xx

andrew x