Pain is inevitable in your journey without substance. Suffering is not.

This site is dedicated to making the most of life in sobriety, by getting a better understanding of what challenges are faced within each day at a time, through the eyes and words of a recovering addict. Me.

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A Letter from the Author


Dearest visitor and friend,

Andrew Sullivan, Author of the book 'A Year Without Substance'Hello and a very warm welcome from me, Andrew Sullivan, to – a place dedicated to helping others recovering from addiction.

I stepped out of the dark world of addiction and into the bright, brilliant, often scary light of recovery on the 28th September 2014. It’s a date that has more relevance to me today than my real birth date because it signals the start of a new chapter of my life – the day I decided to get clean.

Getting clean is the easy bit, staying clean is the challenge. I attribute every bit of knowledge, wisdom and personal growth so far to those other recovering addicts who have trodden the same path as me in addiction, who may not know me but know where I have been, and who have found a way of living a full, incredible life without having to escape from it through their own drug or behaviour of choice. 

It’s a world I never knew existed during my using days. All I had to do was ask for help, listen to the reply, and implement what I was being told to do…leaving my pride and ego to one side.

That was my first truly humbling experience in recovery.

And that is what I would like to achieve through this site. Every piece of information – my book, my blogs, my vlogs, my quotes – are all designed to help you get a better understanding of your own challenges in recovery and active addiction, and live a full life on the terms that life itself dictates.

So please use this site, ask me questions, make suggestions, read the articles, view the vlogs, download the book, and add to your recovery toolkit today.

Yours in recovery,

Andrew x





‘A Year Without Substance’ is Andrew Sullivan’s real-time journey through the pitfalls and breakthroughs of leaving the world of addiction, and surviving the first 12 months of recovery.

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Why Download ‘A Year Without Substance’?


The first 12 months in sobriety and recovery are, statistically, the hardest. Of the individuals who make today the day that they want to sober up and go into recovery, only 30%  will make it through the first six months. Of those, only half will make it through to their first year clean and sober. Recovery isn’t easy and we need all the help we can get to prepare ourselves and negotiate some of the challenges and issues that lay ahead.

My debut book, ‘A Year without Substance’ could be the bridge that helps you connect to the other side. As mentioned above, recovery is tough but it’s not insurmountable. You are going to need every bit of help that you can get. So much change occurs in those early days and months, and it’s scary. I know because I have lived through them, and this book is a real-time view of that period of my recovery, written through my understanding of what I was learning along the way (or not as the case often was!)

Learning to connect to that pain is an essential part of containing your addiction, suffering isn’t. If you are fully committed to silencing those demons that stalk your mind, then A Year without Substance will be a great ally to add to your team.

What’s in ‘A Year Without Substance’?


A Year Without Substance contains insight and experience to the issues that came up during my first full year. They include:

  • Removing the mask of the addict, both in active addiction & recovery
  • Dealing your and other peoples expectations in recovery
  • How to move through recovery without being 100% sure about a Higher Power
  • Insight into the 12-step program, and it’s relevance to you
  • Dealing with the primal feelings – fear, anger, sadness and joy – whilst sober
  • How to avoid complacency
  • Learn ways to participate in the process, and surrender the ouctome
  • How to protect yourself from relapse by being aware of the signs
  • Why do we have relapse dreams and what are they?
  • How to identify and deal with avoidance behaviours in recovery
  • How to identify and deal with triggers in recovery
  • How to deal with the changes you will face in recovery
  • How to identify and deal with denial in recovery
  • How to come to terms with your depression in recovery
  • How to put recovery first, without compromising on what needs to be done in your life
  • Simple daily rituals of surrender and acceptance to help you through the day
  • Insight into the benefits of remaining patient on your recovery path
  • For friends and family – how to best support your loved one in recovery, without enabling them
  • When and how to ask for help, and who you should ask

And so much more…

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